What Is Chainium (CHX) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Chainium has promised to restructure the equity market to aid you amass capital for your business. In this review, we shall be taking a look at just how it functions and if it is worth taking advantage of.

What Is Chainium (CHX)?

Chainium, located on the web at Chainium.io, aids owners of businesses generates capital without any charges. Also, investors can purchase and sell shares via the platform. Generally, the aim of Chainium is to restructure the markets for global equity.

The goal of Chainium is to establish a platform where owners of a business can access sources of equity with ease. As explained by the Chainium website, they stand for businesses that need to generate capital to develop. They also stand for investors who desire to purchase shares in any business they trust in. That is the reason Chainium was developed.

Chainium is of the belief that the equity markets of today like the standard stock markets and the way we relate to them are not efficient. These systems are not fast and are pricey for all those who take part in it. This includes businesses and investors aiming to generate capital. This is an issue that Chainium aims to provide solutions for.

Chainium is developing its platform actively and they have plans to release their completed product in 2018. Before 2018 ends, Chainium aims to introduce an application where businesses and investors can purchase and sell shares by utilizing an environment based on blockchain which is secure.

How Does Chainium (CHX) Function?

Chainium has the goal of disrupting global equity markets by utilizing blockchain technology. One of the largest innovations of the platform is the capacity to let users purchase and sell shares securely in a comfortable way. Chainium aims to let investors purchase and sell shares via any mobile application.

In fact, the Chainium investor application can be downloaded from Google Play store. The whole platform is run by blockchain. Chainium utilizes a ledger which is distributed to establish a direct link between organizations that are selling shares as well as the investors who are purchasing the shares. This eradicates the market’s middle layers including the reconciliation steps and administrative fees needed in the equity markets of today.

Below is the process that takes place when owners of businesses and investors purchase and sell shares using the platform.

  • Owners of businesses will download the Chainium application then make an offer to sell the shares via the application
  • Business owners will determine their company’s share price as well as the valuation. They will also input the number of shares they need to sell and select the time frame of the offer
  • The share offer will be reviewed by investors or they can trade in previously allocated shares on the secondary marketplace of Chainium
  • Shares can be purchased through the application by investors through the utilization of regular cryptocurrency or fiat
  • Once the offer period has ended, business will attain the generated capital in either cryptocurrency or fiat.


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