What is CatCoin (CAT) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

CatCoin is one of the many cryptocurrencies that are available to the crypto enthusiast. It was developed in 2013 by Crypto Master Team and has “CAT” as its symbol. CatCoin is a cryptocurrency that makes use of the Scrypt algorithm. Just in very much the same way as other cryptocurrencies have a restricted number of coins, CatCoin also has a definite amount of coins.

CatCoin can be made use of in trading. Also, it can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market. Although CatCoin is yet to make it to the catalog of the top thousands of cryptocurrencies, in the nearest future, this cryptocurrency will make it to the list of the top thousands of cryptocurrencies

CatCoin was inaugurated on the 24th of December, 2013. At its launch, it was known as a script variety of  Bitcoin. There are only 21 million of this coins that are available for mining, and these coins can be mined at a rate of 50 coins for every 10 minutes block. The CatCoin community is an open community that is interested in making use of P2P to improve the quality of life of humans as well as their cats.

How to Get Started with CatCoin

The first thing that should be done when setting out to make use of CatCoins is to make a choice from one of the wallets in the sidebar. It is also okay if you develop your wallet from the scratch. As soon as the wallet gets installed, let it get synchronized with the network. The process of your wallet getting synchronized with the network will definitely take a while.

This, therefore, makes it important that you remain patient and watch this process pull through. As soon as this gets done, you can go ahead to conjure your personal Catcoin address. After the generation of your personal Catcoin address, you can begin receiving, as well as sending CatCoins.

How do I Get CatCoins

There are quite a number of ways to get CatCoins, however, of all this ways, one is considered the easiest. If you are looking to get CatCoins effortlessly, then, the way to do this is to buy CatCoins through the use of any of the exchanges available in the sidebar. Another way to get CatCoins is through the mining of coins.

About Catcoin

As a standard, the number of available CatCoins that are available for mining is 21 million. The implication of this is; as soon as this 21 million total number of coins are successfully mined, the era of mining CatCoins will be over and the only way that CatCoins will be gotten will be through trading at exchanges. Cat Coin has a block time of 10 minutes and can be mined at 50 coins per block.

Catcoin begins at a difficulty of 0.00024414, has a retarget of 36 blocks, and has a reward halving interval of 210,000 blocks


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