What is Canada eCoin (CDN) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Canada eCoin is a cryptocurrency alternative to Bitcoin, and the platform uses a public blockchain and a fully transparent ledger. It features several unique features, including allowing merge mining, which allows users to mine multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. The coin can be used anywhere in the world.

Canada eCoin Features

The Canada eCoin platform is completely transparent and since the blockchain is public, anyone can review transactions that occur on the blockchain. All transactions occur within 30 seconds, which makes the platform ideal for individuals wishing for quick and near instant completion of transactions. The platform is extremely fast, and their block time is 30 seconds, making it 20 times faster than Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Canada eCoin can currently be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin through several exchanges. In the future, the platform will allow users to obtain Canada eCoin with fiat currency, credit cards, and debit cards.

The platform was created in 2014, and after the original development team abandoned the project, community members formed a new development team in 2015 and continued building the platform.

The platform offers user support and a helpdesk and recently updated and revitalized its website. Additionally, the platform added an additional server. Users can download a Canada eCoin wallet, and the wallet is compatible with Windows desktops and laptops. The mobile wallet is free and available on Android and Apple devices, and users can also obtain a paper wallet.
The platform hopes to soon offer a desktop wallet for Linux and Mac users, as well as a web wallet.

Canada eCoin Blockchain

Canada eCoin can be mined with any other scrypt based currency. The blockchain features 50 connected nodes, and the available supply of Canada eCoin (CDN) is 99,618,259. The current has rate is 11,432.9895 GH/s and the blockchain length is 4,295,701.

CDN is available on several exchanges, including Cryptopia, Bleutrade, Trade Satoshi, Coinsmarket, and Nova Exchange. They use a Proof of Work concept. There are 100,000,000 CDN is supply. The block maturity is 100 confirmations and the difficulty of each hash is retargeted once every 24 hours.

Block rewards for miners are given in CDN, and the rewards are cut in half every 500,000 blocks.

Future Plans

The platform wants its coin to be used for everyday transactions, including bill payments. They hope that CDN can eventually be used to buy food. They plan to open the Canada eCoin Foundation to oversee the platform. They are working to develop an eRetailer Payment Box similar to BitPay that allows retailers to accept CDN as payment.

They are working on completing a platform based merged mining pool and a mobile market. Although CDN was built to be used in Canada, the coin can be used anywhere in the world. The platform is based on community input and creating a user-friendly experience. They are looking for developers to contribute to the platform and encourage tech savvy users to build their own CDN wallets.

The platform also plans to implement Changelly and Shapeshift to allow users to buy CDN with Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.


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