What is BUZZcoin (BUZZ) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

Blockchain developers are working to implement decentralization into dozens of different industries and find different uses for it throughout the world. BUZZcoin hopes to use their unique blockchain implementation to save declining bee populations. The blockchain technology will be installed in existing beehives and assist in a network that will collect bee data worldwide.

BUZZcoin – The Problem

Bee populations across the world are declining, which can cause devastating effects regarding our ecosystem. Bees are essential in providing variation and diversity within vegetation, whether that happens through farmed colonies or local bees. The fact of the matter is, the future of our planet relies very heavily on the contribution of these pollinators.

Unfortunately, there is no simple or overnight fix that will help recover these concerning population dives. The reconsideration of contributors such as using pesticides in agriculture are huge changes that affect and involve multiple industries. Because of that, BUZZcoin has decided to take an approach they can control by increasing the awareness of how bees are monitored around the world.

BUZZcoin’s mission is to create an environment where information about bees can be complied and shared with government agencies, researchers, scientists, and others who are working to come up with solutions to salvage bee populations.


The solution BUZZcoin has come up with is the BUZZcoin Hive Mind Device, or BC-HMD. The BC-HMD is a smart device equipped with sensors. It will monitor weather, threats, colony health, and several other environmental hive factors.

The BC-HMD does not require an internet connection and instead can be synced with a smartphone to communicate information over WiFi. However, there is a 4G upgrade available to allow for direct syncing from the device to the cloud. The devices are designed and continually tested to remain non-invasive to the colony.


The BUZZcoin Queen Middleware Masternode is a Proof-of-Stake currency wallet and is also responsible for uploading data. By processing the data, BC-QMM will be able to offer PoS rewards to hives that are maintained according to the most optimal standards set within the protocol.

BUZZcoin 4.0

As cryptocurrency technology continues to evolve, so does the BUZZcoin protocol. The next release is BUZZcoin 4.0, which will move the blockchain away from the outdated Bitcoin protocol and will also feature Masternodes. Masternodes are becoming more popular among cryptocurrencies thanks to features like instant and anonymous transactions and the additional security that they offer. Launching a Masternode will cost 25 million BUZZ and allow for double the rate of swapping for BUZZcoin 4.0 to BUZZcoin 5.0.

Environmentalists have been concerned about the threat to bee populations for many years now, and there are many industries who are working to come up with a solution to a problem that will have a serious impact on our ecosystem. BUZZcoin is doing what it can to help by using a small device based on the blockchain to help record and communicate information that may factor into finding a way to save bees and our future.


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