What is BTCtalkcoin (TALK) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

Cryptocurrency hosts a huge community of people, many of whom are developers who have endeavored to launch their own cryptocurrencies and platforms to help the crypto world evolve. Thus, it is essential to have a place for developers, investors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts come together to exchange information, connect, and advertise. The Bitcointalk Forum is the primary location for these conversations to occur and is essential to the community. It, of course, also offers its own form of cryptocurrency.

BTCtalkcoin History

The Bitcoin Forum was first established in 2009 by the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. It is one of the oldest crypto boards on the internet and by far the largest. Originally intended to host Bitcoin technical information, it has expanded to discourse regarding all the aspects of cryptocurrency. It supports nearly half a million members and has become an essential environment for information, education, and announcements regarding new coin launches.

BTCtalkcoin (TALK) ICO

One of the most popular and essential uses for the Bitcoin Forum are the announcements of Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs. ICOs are often necessary for the launch of new coins, as they allow people to purchase the coins, often at a slightly discounted price, to encourage circulation of the currency into the market.

The forum caters to ICOs by allowing users to post the integral information to their coin, including websites, technical information, wallet address, and affiliates. Users at the forum can then ask questions about the currency, invest in it, and easily organize community support such as mining pools. It is also useful as forum users can investigate the background of coins and their source codes, making it easier to identify fraudulent or malicious coin offerings.


Due to its popularity and userbase, it is only natural that Bitcoin Talk would offer its own cryptocurrency. Originally launched as BCC, the coin transferred to new management in 2014 and the ticker was changed due to concerns regarding other currencies using the BCC ticker. TALK was created to reward users who joined the forum before its inception. It is a hybrid Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake coin, and the maximum amount of coins created will be about 63.5 million.

At the initial change from BCC to TALK, Bitcoin Forum users were rewarded with a method called Proof of Participation. The developers believed that any active user from any country should be eligible to receive TALK, and users were required to either engage the coin on Twitter by following the official account and tweeting #Bitcointalkcoin, installing and utilizing the coin’s Airdrop Super Script, or using one of the exchanges participating in the airdrop.

Although there have been other Bitcoin Forum related currencies, Bitcoin Talk claims to differ in that they intend to give away the most coins to the forum community. TALK is available to be bought or traded on multiple exchanges.

Considering the popularity of the Bitcoin Forum, it seemed only natural to design a complimentary cryptocurrency and to reward forum users for their activity and contributions to the community..


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