What is Bowhead (AHT) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The medical industry and pharmaceutical industry have definitely left a real mess in today’s society. Paired with the lucrative health insurance costs and you have a recipe for disaster. Many people are unable to visit the doctor either due to lack of coverage or the doctor is terrible. In this article, we will talk about how Bowhead (AHT) plans to solve this.

While the pharmaceutical industry will always consistently defend its magical pills and procedures, many people are starting to take their health into their own hands. From proper exercise and healthy diet trends to supplementing diets with herbal supplements. Sadly, not everyone can readily make such a drastic switch.

Whether it be due to having a certain medical condition or simply the lack of knowledge on their own body’s makeup, people want answers and don’t know how to get them. While herbal supplements can definitely boost a person’s health and help alleviate many ailments, not all supplements are equal. Sometimes people only need a few supplements but don’t know which ones to use.

Many people today are vitamin and mineral deficient. This small issue of malnutrition has been one of the causes behind the rise in various degenerative diseases, metabolic diseases, hormone complications and irregularities, and possibly even cancers.

Most people in the western world are deficient in silica, magnesium, calcium, selenium, iodine, various B vitamins, and other micronutrients. All of which can be fixed with simply learning about which ones you are deficient in and where to get a reliable source of that particular vitamin or mineral.

When doctors cost too much you have to take preventative measures. After all, there is the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. So how can people figure out their body’s nutrition needs down to the micronutrient without spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on simple blood tests?

How can they be sure the data is reliable? How can someone be sure that the data they share will be kept confidential and not sold off to some pharmaceutical company for profit? Is there really a way for someone to optimize their health and meet their needs with complete anonymity?

Bowhead (AHT): The First Real-time Biometric Test Via A Blockchain Powered Medical Instrument

For the first time ever, there is a medical device that helps people take their own biometric data and determine their health needs. The device acts as a medical dispenser of supplements based on the data. This information is kept within the platform’s secure blockchain network. All information is kept private and all patients who use the device are anonymous.

At any point in time, the user can allow their medical professional to see the data and determine other courses of action. For now, users can simply use it to help boosts their diets and balance their nutrition with proper supplementation.

This definitely can help both patients and medical professional achieve optimal healthcare without overrunning hospitals, clinics, and all other medical facilities.

How Does Bowhead Work?

Bowhead is a type of wellness tracker that operates on a downloadable application. It is connected to a device that dispenses supplements. Users obtain the device with specific supplement cartridges. The device can send data to the user’s medical professional and gives reminders for users to stay on track with the supplement needs. For now, the device only dispenses vitamins and minerals that the user’s body needs.

The project hopes to one day give medical professionals the option to give their patients prescriptions through the device.

The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. The application will allow users to see their personal health data, get reminders, and interact with their healthcare professionals to ensure a quality health plan is followed.

Final Thoughts on Bowhead (AHT) Cryptocurrency

While the idea of automated prescriptions sounds a bit too futuristic, the idea of using supplements as a test is a great idea. It allows people of all backgrounds to become more in tune with their health needs. This also can help people get better medical care for certain issues. There is a lot of promise with this project and definitely a lot of health benefits for the future.


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