What is Bonpay (BON) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Bonpay is relatively new to the scene, with the developers of Bonpay priding themselves on creating a platform that will allow for easier and speedier transactions, will enable a greater level of financial freedom via various digital payments on an international scale. The rates that are used through Bonpay are completely transparent while being both efficient and easy to use.

The Bonpay service offers an incredible variety of solutions while being flexible and seamless; because of the developer’s ample knowledge of finance, Bonpay is unique and stands out from other platforms.

Developers of Bonpay (BON)

All together the developers of Bonpay have over three decades of experience in finance (on an international level), as well as various forms of electronic payments, not to mention the knowledge of digital currency. The experience that the CFO (Julya Bashtannik), CPQ (Valentin Kaduchenko), and CTO (Oleg Boykov), collectively brings to the Bonpay platform creates a solid foundation that Bonpay will be able to stand on for years as long as they continue on the positive path that they are currently on.

Benefits of Bonpay  

Users who take advantage of the Bonpay platform will be entitled to rates that are both reasonable, as well as completely transparent, as we mentioned above. The reason that Bonpay can offer prices that are so reasonable (a.k.a. low priced) is because of the blockchain technology that Bonpay is based on, as well as the decentralized network that Bonpay is on. This particular technology allows for funds to be transferred on a secured network, and this transfer can happen instantly, so there is no delay for users. Due to the Bonpay platform having various providers, there is an increased ability for users to convert between “fiat currencies” and other cryptocurrencies. These conversions are both incredibly simple and easy to use, even for those who are new to the world of digital currency.

An additional feature of Bonpay is the option for users to have a prepaid card that will allow them to use it as any other plastic debit card. Major companies who also use Bonpay are able to accept and exchange various cryptocurrencies, thus giving them a significant advantage over their competitors.

Current Statistics of Bonpay

As of now, Bonpay is currently offered in more than 120 countries all around the globe; because of this large level of support, businesses can expand with relative ease- being able to handle various transactions at the touch of a button. It is 100% free to create an account with Bonpay, not to mention that the Bonpay wallet supports the Bitcoin platform, and is looking to support an additional 125 digital currencies in the near future, which means that users will almost certainly be able to gain access to the specific currency that they are looking for.

Bonpay Wallet: More In-Depth

To get a bit more specific regarding the Bonpay wallet, this particular wallet allows users to store all of their assets in order to receive, convert, and transfer cryptocurrency in the most efficient way possible with the least hassle. The Bonpay wallet is one of the latest additions to the Bonpay platform and will undoubtedly change the way digital currency is handled, not just by individual users, but major companies as well.


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