What is Blue Protocol (BLUE) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

BLUE is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that offers a family of tools for developers, software for consumers, and guidelines for digital assets tools on the Ethereum network. Infrastructure that currently exists for blockchain technology relies heavily on private keys and passwords to transfer funds; these are easily lost or stolen, and have lent to the loss of a massive amount of funds since Ethereum was established.

BLUE utilizes several major components, including the BLUE Protocol, to protect users’ funds, data, and experience, and to secure the safety of digital assets so that Ethereum can continue to thrive.

The BLUE Protocol is one of the tools that the BLUE platform offers; it allows for two-factor authentication without a central party. The protocol also features secure asset storage, smart contract analysis, blockchain analysis, blacklisting and whitelisting, and anti-phishing capabilities.

The BLUE Protocol is ultimately what the BLUE network depends on to run securely; it is a series of smart contracts and backend systems. Funds within the BLUE network are held in smart contracts for users, and users are able to maintain control over these mega-wallets.

BLUE aims to be a new network for cryptocurrency users; at its core, decentralization is the most important. BLUE believes that decentralization strengthens individual’s rights, their privacy, and their control over their own data.

Decentralized technology is beneficial to the entire world, yet, it is too complicated for many people to understand or incorporate into their everyday lives. BLUE aims to make the technology less complicated and more accessible to the masses; ultimately, it wants to make crypto safer to use and easier to understand.

The BLUE Protocol

The BLUE Protocol is a series of smart contracts and backend systems that work together to allow the BLUE Network to function securely and conveniently; it is essentially a smart contract system that has been developed and engineered by BLUE’s creators. Users assign metadata to a smart contract they control, and by joining these compatible contracts to other smart contracts, developers are given the power to do amazing things with their cryptocurrencies and their ideas; the BLUE Protocol makes it easier to create smart contracts and navigate the crypto world.

BLUE Wallets

Wallets are what users can hold their cryptocurrencies with. BLUE has developed its own wallet, the BLUE Wallet, which is a multi-platform application that enables the sending, receiving, and storing of Ethereum-based assets, such as ERC20 tokens. By building its own wallet, BLUE can integrate its own security protocol, to ensure that all assets held in the wallet are especially secure and safe. BLUE aims to set a high standard for the industry, and their BLUE Wallet shows what’s possible.

BLUE brings cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the mainstream. Ultimately, the platform enables anyone anywhere in the world to participate in the decentralized revolution; it makes the creation of smart contracts and the storage of cryptocurrency easier, with tools such as BLUE Protocol and BLUE Wallets. BLUE brings world-class security to the masses, and ushers in a new future for the crypto world.


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