What is BlitzPredict (XBP) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

BlitzPredict is a blockchain-based platform that supports the functionality of prediction markets. Blockchain technology, and the companies that adopt it, aim to solve the problems that are currently facing the financial world. Finances are continually risky, and while that is the nature of the industry, BlitzPredict aims to ease the risk and struggle that can be associated with participating in the prediction market.

BlitzPredict relies on aggregators to provide users with odds and timely payments. Through a smart contract tool, the platform also provides users with the opportunity to easily and effectively interact with the prediction marketplace. It harnesses blockchain technology to benefit users and has a set of products available. One of the main features of the platform is to provide liquidity to sportsbooks.

BlitzPredict’s smart contracts and aggregators together facilitate information that flows between the experts of prediction markets and users; this provides regular, everyday people to become involved and gain some knowledge as they invest and gamble. The platform also offers simplified funding and payout, betting tips and insight, and other aspects that, all together, improve gambling transparency. Through the platform, anyone can become an expert on gambling.

The BlitzPredict Coin (XBP)

The BlitzPredict coin is the platform’s internal form of cryptocurrency. XBP coins are implemented into different functions of the platform as their primary function. If users make a bet in one of BlitzPredict’s partnering websites, the platform automatically activates their winnings in XBP. Users who choose to make bets through other cryptocurrencies can select if they want BlitzPay activated after the event, or can simply spend XBP.

A second important function of the XBP tokens is their activation of BlitzPredict’s smart contracts. The activation of a smart contract executes a bet, if the user is eligible. Essentially, the smart contracts can be employed as automatic bets, if they are recommended to do so based on predictions made by experts.

XBP tokens are also used as a reward for any users who contribute to the BlitzPredict platform. Users can reap rewards by mining XBP, and there is a total supply of 1 billion of the tokens.

The Process of Obtaining BlitzPredict

Since XBP are ERC20 tokens, they are supported by various ERC20 wallets; the most essential part of attaining the coins is to download a compatible wallet to hold them. Once a wallet is downloaded, users may send or receive tokens with other parties. Once a user has a wallet, they can trade on cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Idex, for XBP.

The gambling and prediction industries are an aspect of financing that can be risky. BlitzPredict aims to reduce the risk for regular users and make it easy and seamless for people to become involved. With smart contracts that execute bets and wallets that hold the platform’s token safely and securely, BlitzPredict is a successful competitor to other prediction platforms that currently exist. Although it still is in development and has a long way to go, the platform is on its way to being a viable solution for users who are looking for a place to safely participate in the prediction industry.


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