What is Blakecoin (BLC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

In a digital world dominated by Bitcoin, it is a relief to see all the different decentralized altcoins coming out of the woodwork. While some people may feel this is a fruitless attempt at stealing Bitcoin’s thunder, others appreciate the drive for a free and open cryptocurrency market.

After all, without competition, there would be no drive to progress and innovate the vast potential of cryptocurrency. Each digital token that takes the payment altcoin path has had its own success and failures. While some rose to fame such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many others, some managed to sadly crash and burn.

What makes these altcoins so interesting isn’t their simple goals, but more in how each chooses to market themselves to all of the cryptocurrency users worldwide. You have already seen the power of what a simple meme can do in the case of Dogecoin and how a simple Reddit joke can go too far in the case of GarlicCoin.

But beyond the doge memes and love for all things garlic bread, each coin also offers either a rehash of improved algorithms or entirely new structures altogether. These simple minute innovations are what drive cryptocurrency to be the best substitute for a dwindling and out of control financial system.

Sure there are many people who will scoff at the idea of digital currency, but with the current trends of going paperless, these ease of international payments, and minimal problems, digital cryptocurrency has become the very solution to the world’s financial woes.

But how does a new altcoin survive on a flooded market of payment cryptocurrencies and utility altcoins? How can one know if the altcoin is the real deal or just another rehash of a pump and dump cryptocurrency scheme? How can one be sure that the platform and solution offered isn’t just a simple rebranding of Bitcoin’s work?

Blakecoin: Making Payments Around the World Quick and Easy for Everyone

Blakecoin is similar to Bitcoin when it comes to the main goal of being an international payment cryptocurrency. But that is where it ends in similarities. Blakecoin hopes to take it to the next level with its peer to peer technology, a unique algorithm, and mass use as a trading altcoin. There is talk that Blakecoin will also be introduced into online video gaming ecosystems for gamers to also use.

This would open up multiple avenues for this cryptocurrency and it shows more progress in not just its security but also in its adaptability in different spheres of influence.

How Does Blakecoin Work?

Blakecoin uses its own type of cryptographic algorithm called blake-256 hashing. This algorithm has allowed the user to experience some of the fastest mining returns in the cryptocurrency industry. Blakecoin is a proof of work altcoin that utilized merge mining with other blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Basically, as you are mining for Blakecoin you can also mine for Photon, Electron, and Lithium. This altcoin offers more than just the perk of merged mining, users won’t have to worry about any decreases in block rewards, offers a very small inflation rate, and users can send money anywhere in the world using the altcoin as a payment cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts on Blakecoin (BLC)

While it may seem like another Bitcoin rehash, Blakecoin has definitely made a path of its own in the cryptocurrency industry. Only time will tell for this altcoin’s future as it steadily maintains its merge mining networks and opening doors for even gamers to get their slice of the digital altcoin pie.


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