What is BitStation (BSTN) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

With so many trading platforms being developed in the cryptocurrency world, many more investors are getting interested in trading. BitStation claims that it is the future of trading, offering a comprehensive digital currency trading and analysis system that is leading in the world. Loaded with advanced features and aimed at any traders from beginners to experts, BitStation is already making a place for itself in the cryptocurrency market.

BitStation – The System

With development beginning in 2014, BitStation then burst onto the scene three years later. The platform offers a web app, desktop apps, and world-class digital currency tools developed by the BitStation company, IntelliChart and IntelliScript. The beta system was launched in 2018 and is programmed to analyze, test, and even perform trades on most major trading platforms.

BitStation Products and Services

BitStation offers a number of unique and specialized products within its system. The market analysis tools, IntelliChart and IntelliForecast, analyze information efficiently. IntelliChart offers multiple options of timescales and chart types, over 80 technical indicators and draw line functions, and auto-generated trade signals and alerts. IntelliForecast is an artificial neural network that offers a five-day forecast about each currency, drawing from historical data.

IntelliScript is also included in the system, allowing users the ability to program their own trading strategies and signals which helps investors achieve their desired trading strategies. They can then make sure their program will perform as wanted with the help of historical backtesting.

Investors who prefer AutoTrading will be able to utilize tested scripts from IntelliScript by simply pressing the “AutoTrading” button within their trading accounts. AutoTrading will offer updates about profit, losses, and other performance values in real time. BitStation also utilizes Smart Order Routing, which is aimed at institutional traders and automatically performs the most optimal trades based on the current trading environment.

The system will also support an interactive community. Members will be able to share information such as forecast data and other analysis, and they will also have the option to pay other community members for help and users can also sell trading strategies and analysis reports. There will also be a copy trading system in place which will allow users to copy a trading strategy and pay the provider on a use or win case basis depending on the agreement.

BitStation Token – BSTN

BitStation’s native token currency is BSTN. Users will primarily use BSTN to pay membership fees, but they also can utilize the currency within the platform to purchase specialist help from other members, pay for a copy trading agreement, or purchase other members’ strategies.

The cryptocurrency market has grown so much since its creation, and as with all currency markets, there are many who are eager to make the best out of their investments by buying, selling, and trading their assets. Whether someone is a beginning investor or a seasoned professional, BitStation’s analytical and intelligent system will help them in making the best possible investment and trading choices for their future.


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