What is Bitradio (BRO) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

While many cryptocurrency users stick to the traditional methods of mining or buying their cryptocurrencies, others are looking to provide other ways to earn some serious coin. From gambling in the online cryptocurrency casinos to simply listening to the radio, there is an opportunity to earn altcoins around every digital corner.

Sadly, there are plenty of cryptocurrency scams out there that offer fun earning alternatives. This can definitely put a damper on many good projects and ideas. But don’t worry! There are many cool projects that are genuine in their mission for bringing fun earning alternatives to cryptocurrency.

Gambling definitely comes with its own set of risks no matter how safe, secure, or anonymous it may be. Investing in various altcoins often times come hand in hand with the fear of pump and dump scams. Mining for various altcoins can be extremely taxing on a computer’s hardware and anyone who isn’t tech-driven will not understand how to mine.

So what can the average cryptocurrency user do? How can they get in on some fun alternative cryptocurrencies? Is there truly an easier way to get altcoins without having to rely on the standard proof of work and proof of stake systems all the time? Is there a way to use these altcoins once they are earned or is it just another dead end coin? Is there an altcoin that offers more perks than risks?

Bitradio: Opportunity to Earn Bitcoin All While Listening to Your Favorite Radio Station

Just when you think you have heard it all with online radio sites, it turns out a developer team decided to take a crack at making a hybrid between internet radio and cryptocurrency. While it may seem a bit odd at first, this project is the real deal. Users can listen in on one of 30,000 different internet radio stations that take part in the Bitradio community.

The service is free for everyone and allows users to earn Bitradio altcoins. People can choose to keep these Bitradio altcoins or exchange them for Bitcoins.

How Does Bitradio (BRO) Work?

Bitradio uses a proof of stake method for earning its altcoins. Basically, all anyone needs to do to earn Bitradio (BRO) simply listen to one of their 30,000 radio stations for at least an hour. Every hour the platform hands out 120 BRO to users for listening to music. Users who manage to hold onto their Bitradio coins can take part in the platform as a shareholder.

If they have 2,500 BRO, they can also run a masternode. The wallet is simple to download and works on Windows QT, Mac OS, Linux OS. Users can download the player onto either their iPhone and/or iPad.

What are the Benefits of Using Bitradio?

This particular altcoin offers users a variety of benefits for using, storing, and trading it.

  • This altcoin is eco-friendly thanks to its proof of stake method of earning in place of proof of mining.
  • Easy to use for novice and expert cryptocurrency users
  • Can use this cryptocurrency for worldwide money transactions for a very small fee
  • The wallet can be run to earn Bitradio altcoins at a rate of 0.5 BRO per block
  • Running a masternode will give users 0.5 BRO per block
  • The wallet and platform are anonymous and offers ledger transparency
  • Users can use their Bitradio altcoins on the platform for services and good or exchange them for Bitcoins.

Final Thoughts on Bitradio (BRO)

Few people probably would think that earning cryptocurrency could be as easy as listening to the radio online, but it turns out it is true. So pick a few favorite radio stations, download the wallet and earn those little Bitradio coins while listening to your favorite tunes


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