What is bitqy (BQ) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Bitqy (BQ) is a cryptocurrency. 10 billion BQ tokens were created. It is ranked 1,039th by market capitalization ($3.9 million). Daily trading volume is about $46. 1 BQ token is valued at 0.001254 USD or 0.00000016 BTC. BQ tokens are traded on several exchanges including BTC-Alpha, CoinExchange, and C-CEX. BQ tokens are paired with BTC, LTC, ETH, and DOGE tokens.  3.1 billion BQ tokens are currently in circulation.

Recent Trends in Bitqy Trading

Over the past three months, Bitqy has declined in market value. It had a market capitalization of $22 million at the end of May 2018. By mid-June, the value dropped to $11 million. By the first of July, Bitqy’s market capitalization dropped to $8 million. Through the month of July Bitqy’s market capitalization continued to decline, reaching a low of $3.2 million. It gained value by the end of July, before dropping again to $3.8 million.

Block Explorer Description

Token holders can view the latest transactions on the Etherscan block explorer. A list of transactions is displayed, along with the hash address for each transaction. The sender and and recipient addresses are provided as well. The amount of BQ tokens transferred is included. There’s also a tab that lists all the token holders and  the amount of tokens they hold. The lists are anonymous, which is one of the attractions of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

bitqy Digital Wallet

Users can store their tokens in a digital wallet. Qyckwallet is one option. This is the official digital wallet of Bitqyck, Inc. With this wallet, users can create public addresses. These addresses can receive digital currencies. Users can also transfer funds from the wallet. The wallet calculates a balance as well.  

It is recommended to use the Bitqyck, Inc. digital wallet because it is linked to the user’s Bitqy account. This is especially important since there is a smart contract linked to stock ownership. The identity used for Bitqy tokens can be used for stock ownership. Other digital wallets won’t have this connection.

Ethereum Blockchain

Bitqy is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It contains an advanced smart contract system. Several programming languages are compatible including:

  • Solidity
  • Serpent
  • LLL
  • Mutan

Ethereum is a public, open-source distributed computing platform and operating system. Ether is the currency of the Ethereum blockchain.

bitqy (BQ) Token Rewards

Bitqy is the in-app token for bitqyck. A holder of a bitqy token has ownership of 1/10 of a share of bitqyck, Inc. common stock. Bitqy is an ERC-20 token. There is a bitqy rewards program. Stakeholders are given tokens for actions and activities they perform. This includes buying items in the Bitqyck network of companies. Bitqyck offers users a custom trading platform called tradebq. There are no fees on tradebq.

bitqy Proof-of-Work Verification

Bitqy utilizes Proof-of-Work verification. This type of verification requires the requester to perform some type of work to access the network. This ensures that they are a legitimate connection. The work usually consists of completing a task that requires computer processing, such as solving a puzzle.

bitqy (BQ) Conclusion

This cryptocurrency might have the most tokens in existence. The overwhelming number matches the persona of this Texas-based corporation.


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