What is bitEUR (BITEUR) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

BitEUR (BITEUR) is a localized and open—source cryptocurrency that makes available transparent and private transactions.

Payments that are made with bitEUR are announced publicly. However, those involved in the transaction (sender and recipient) and the amount that is involved in the transaction are kept private

How bitEUR Works

To make use of bitEUR, visit Exchange (OpenLedger DEX). Your personal access to invest, exchange and take care of your folder in the $100B cryptocurrency store on the planet’s most progressive and safe online exchange. This can be done as far as you have access to the internet. Your location really does not matter. The platform is really easy to use as within seconds, you can register on the platform and begin carrying out transactions immediately. The website updates prices in real time and can work flawlessly on a host of operating systems ranging from windows and Mac

How to Buy bitEUR

There is really no easy means of turning your cash directly to bitEUR. This is irrespective of whether you are making use of Euros, USD, GBP, Credit Card, PayPal, Canadian dollar, etc.

You can select the best coin exchange for your area and purchase BTC there before trading it on exchanges for BITEUR.

We suggest you always check for the availability of Coinbase in your country and purchase there because it is the best regulated and most secure exchange for buying bitcoin.

You can make use of Cex.io if Coinbase is not supported in your country. It is a great alternative to coinbase. You can also make use of Coinmama as it is equally safe.

Where can I get bitEUR wallet?

With the bitEUR wallet, you can easily stash your bitEUR on your PC. BitEUR wallet can be downloaded on the bitEUR website. To ensure optimum security, your cryptocurrencies can be stored on a separate hardware wallet. One such dedicated hardware wallet is a TREZOR wallet. If you plan on getting a hardware wallet, you can make use of a wallet like Coinomi or Jaxx. This will help you store lots of cryptocurrencies at once. They also come with extra security advantages. You can equally create a paper wallet as it is also secure and easy to make use of when it comes to the storage of cryptocurrencies.

What is the Value of bitEUR

At the moment, one bitEUR is equivalent to $1.27 on major cryptocurrency exchanges and is equivalent to 0.00015638 Bitcoin(s)

What is the Reddit Page for bitEUR

At the moment, there is no Reddit society for bitEUR.

Conclusion for bitEUR

Lots of individuals will prefer to remain completely private when carrying out transactions. This is just what bitEUR aims to do and it does it quite efficiently. It offers users access to its platform which gives you the chance to invest and exchange. It is certainly a platform that is worth taking a look at as the platform seems like a promising one which is bound to be profitable if the team is able to keep up.


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