What is BitCloud (BTDX) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

BitCloud is a fully encrypted and extremely fast payment system for decentralized digital currency. It claims to be a new type of cryptocurrency that is transacted and exchanged every day by users across the globe. Anywhere that users have access to the internet, they may send or receive BitClouds, the platform’s token coin (BTDX), and the coin isn’t minted or endorsed by any corporation or government, but by individual users themselves; this is what makes BitCloud truly decentralized.

With BitCloud, when someone travels internationally, they don’t have to worry about wiring money or carrying cash with them; BitCloud coins are accepted everywhere. Users can send the cryptocurrency to relatives, friends, or business partners that live on the other side of the world, instantly, with the press of a button. It doesn’t require cards that have to be carried, credit checks, or social security numbers; all users have to do to obtain BitCloud is to participate in the mining of the coin, or trade for it on a cryptocurrency exchange.

BitCloud is completely free for anyone to use and has low transaction fees. It truly promises to be a fast, universal payment system that is secure and instant. With all of the cryptocurrencies that are currently listed on the market, and their accompanying platforms, BitCloud hopes to offer users something new that will deliver every time.

How BitCloud Works

BitClouds are mined by users at a rate that has been set for decades into the future. This ensures that the mining is performed by individual participants, and helps BitCloud stay true to its decentralized nature. Mining secures not only the continuity of the platform and its coin, but also gives users an opportunity to invest in and have a stake in BitCloud’s future. Anyone and everyone can become a miner.

To prevent inflation, there is a limit to the supply of BTDX available at about 43 million. Cloud Computers run software to distribute BitCloud and to verify all the transactions that take place on the network. The platform also employs the use of Masternodes, which are servers that perform certain tasks in a secure manner, for extra security.

InstantX and PrivateSend

BitCloud uses InstantX and PrivateSend services to protect its users. InstantX is the service that enables the platform to perform near-instant transactions. Through the InstantX system, inputs are locked to specific transactions and are verified by Masternodes.


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