What is BelugaPay (BBI) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

As stated by the financial database of the world bank, about two-thirds of the population in nations like Nigeria, Columbia, Peru, and Indonesia are still unbanked. This number may have enhanced since this database was published in the year 2015. To sort out this problem, digital payments have been made available around the globe. But there are merchants who still fancy making transactions only with cash. This is where Beluga can be of help.

The goal of BelugaPay is to leverage modern technologies to establish an open source platform for asset transferring to offer tools for little businesses as well as their customers to go digital. The goal is to aid the numerous unbanked individuals to become part of the better, fairer and newer financial system.

Products offered by BelugaPay

The mission of BelugaPay is to ensure life is made easier for merchants as well as their customers around the globe. They are of the belief that having just one solution to the management of payment for your personal life, customer and business is quite possible. Below are a few of the products Beluga Pay offers:

They include:

The BelugaPay Point of Sale

This is a comprehensive mobile application that can be utilized for accepting debit, crypto and credit payment from little businesses. You can also utilize the app for managing customers and growing with actionable analytics.

The BelugaPay Restaurant Edition

This is a tablet application that aids you in managing your table, servers, food menu as well as orders. Users have the capacity to streamline the app to print orders coming in for the kitchen. With this app, you have the capacity to grow and manage your restaurant.

Beluga P2P

This is a mobile app which is easy to make use of. The P2P application executes transfers with acquaintances and friends. You have the capacity to send cash using credit, debit as well as crypto and depositing the earnings of the next day to your bank account.

BelugaPay payment data

This aids merchants in purchasing data using BBI token and seeing anonymized patterns of spending from other ideal clients

Beluga Bank Support

Beluga has been enjoying a collaboration with the largest domestic bank in Mexico since the year 2015. With the overall asset of the bank surpassing $70 billion in assets.

The strategy of Beluga is to aim at growing countries where most of them have access to smartphones but a majority of the population is still unbanked.  

Benefits for the BBI Token Holders

The BBI token is used on the Beluga platform. Users can use the tokens to purchase memberships, loyalty rewards, and GAS. The token will be offered on the major exchanges and it is the native token used on the platform.

Who is responsible for the platform?

The corporate structure of BelugaPay begins with the IP. The IP is stored in Beluga Inc. which is situated in Canada. The Beluga Pay created a Beluga foundation in other nations like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. The organization carries out its operation remotely with other employees and partners in India, Mexico, Canada, as well as Latvia.  


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