What is Autonio (NIO) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Decentralized AI Trading Platform

Autonio is a localized artificial intelligence trading platform which makes a more beneficial and easy practice out of crypto-trading. This platform gives its users the freedom to effortlessly develop the perfect strategy for trading and at the same time carry it out. It helps in the maximizing of returns through the use of over 25 trading signals and uncompromising market evaluation.

This system is characterized by a leaderboard that is used to rank its users according to the most beneficial plan and augmentation that are accessible to other participants of this platform through NIO tokens in the system. In addition to making aids available to veteran traders, Autonio makes available a smarter as well as safer technique for the trading of cryptocurrencies for users that are not technically inclined. Autonio AI trading Assistance can be accessed through the web or downloaded through a p2p software which is compatible with both mobile devices and desktops.

What is Autonio (NIO) All About?

The effectiveness of artificial intelligence is now beyond any doubt. It is now made use of in different sectors such as medical research, security, etc.

Autonio is the foremost localized trading machine that is powered by artificial intelligence and makes use of many years of experience that was gotten from Wall Street’s automated high-frequency trading sector using market pointers to analyze cryptocurrency happenings so as to raise buy/sell signs and carry out trades.

Copying plans developed by a lot of the most established participants on Wall Street, Autonio regards cryptocurrencies as a fresh group of assets that are ready for conquering through the use of neutral networks, as well as intelligent machine learning algorithms.

As far as cryptocurrency is concerned, artificial intelligence is still yet to mature. To get mature, it needs an input of coding know-how, as well as expensive membership.

There are quite a number of ways in which Autonio is superior to its competitors. Let’s find out what some of these ways are.

Autonio involuntarily puts in several indicators into a crystal clear signal for buying and selling and carries out the trade constantly based on the decision of the user. Autonio puts together EMA, RSI, MACD, Ultimate Oscillator and Bollinger Bands to make its high speed buy and sell choices. At the moment, there are 25 other indicators which are being developed and will soon become a part of ICO backing.

Autonio can be used by virtually everyone. Coding, as well as trading experiences,  are not required.

Users of Autonio can customize that trading plans through the combination of various trading indicators. This includes the design of their own divestment and investment strategies.

With the Autonio system, users are free to back test-check each plan that is available to them and go on to select the strategy that they believe will bring them the highest returns.

There are lots of ecstatic features of Autonio that are not yet open to the public. Some of these features will be announced in no time.

The Autonio system makes available an NIO Trading Championship Leaderboard that enumerates the most valued trading plans.


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