What is Authorship (ATS) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

A blockchain platform aimed at authors and readers, Authorship is a website that intends to make the internet more accessible to those in the writing community. It hopes to connect various publishers, authors, and other industry professionals together in what the Authorship team claims is a step towards a decentralized internet.

The Basics

Authorship’s main goal is to create a platform that will bring together publishers, authors, translators, and readers. Publishers will be able to access the work of multitudes of authors, and translators can earn money through translating books. Readers will be able to purchase books with Authorship’s cryptocurrency, ATS.

The platform hopes to be a one-stop shop to bring together every leg of the writing and publishing world, facilitating accessibility to additional work and thus allowing for a more streamlined and functional industry.

The Process

Authorship offers different features and incentives for publishers, authors, translators, and readers.

Publishers have been hit hard with the collapse of physical bookstores thanks to the growing digital market. It is becoming more expensive to publish books and readership trends shift so often that it can be difficult, and expensive, to find a book that will make money. This is incredibly tough for smaller publishing houses who can completely go under without any support. Authorship is offering alternatives to publishers by making sure they are paid whenever they publish a book through the platform. Authorship also solves talent searching complications by offering authors and translators.

Authors can benefit from Authorship, as well. Publishing a book can be a harrowing process, but Authorship takes much of the fear out of it by offering author incentives. Authors are guaranteed a monthly income, are given multiple publishers to choose from, and can find translators so that their work can reach more people. Authors will also receive 90% of royalties through digital sales and 50% through physical sales.

Translators also have a place in the Authorship platform. They can choose books they want to translate and earn money every time that book is sold. Translators can benefit from the sales of their translated books as well as earn exposure and work experience.


The Authorship token, ATS, is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It was available through an ICO and is capped at 100 million tokens. ATS is the fuel of the Authorship platform and will be used to pay authors, publishers, and translators, and will also be required by readers to purchase books.

Authorship has seen several problems in the publishing industry, from publishers keeping up with cost and demands to authors lacking representation and struggling to publish in a timely fashion, if at all. The platform hopes to solve several concerns by bridging the distance between publishers, authors, translators, and readers, and offering an alternative that will benefit them all and, most importantly, get books out to the public to purchase and enjoy. As publishing shifts to digital, Authorship may easily help reshape the industry.


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