What is Astro (ASTRO) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The investment markets that surround cryptocurrency have opened a lot of opportunities for people worldwide. Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way people can now do investments without having to rely on the crooked stock market exchange. After all, anyone who profits on the stock market usually has insider information that isn’t available to the investors at the bottom.

This unfainess is what drove many people to take a leap of faith and invest into cryptocurrency in its early days. Many users believe cryptocurrency has brought about ample amounts of opportunity and many great benefits to the world. Cryptocurrency has given people the real freedom of investment intertwined with fairness and transparency.

Along with these positives came with a few negatives. Like any other industry and system, there are always people who seek to commit investment fraud, manipulate, and steal from others. With bad projects, empty promises, scams littered throughout the various cryptocurrency exchanges, it has left many people feeling a bit reluctant to invest.

Most issues with bad crypto can easily be solved when enough research on a particular altcoin is done. But this plays on the other drawback with many investment methods, few people have enough spare time to do the lengthy amounts of research necessary for cryptocurrency investments. Many people often times fall for the multi-level marketing schemes and end up investing in bad altcoins.

With both pros and cons to cryptocurrency, many people still want to invest and don’t know how. How can one make a good investment in cryptocurrency? Is there a way to simplify the research process and make investments for those with limited time? Will the return on investments be in a reliable top cryptocurrency or stuck within the confines of a low-level altcoin?

Astro: Avoiding the Booms and Busts of Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Investments

The developers of the Astronaut Capital platform definitely had all types of cryptocurrency investors in mind. Astro is the utility token that is used to help conduct and keep track of all investments. The platform offers the user the best of the cryptocurrency exchanges to invest in.

The major goals of the platform were to address the three major issues all cryptocurrency investors face – accessibility, trust, and an efficient way to manage multiple types of altcoins/tokens. The team wanted to make it where it was possible for anyone to take part in a high stakes investment cryptocurrency or at least good projects without having to do research or worry about other risks.

How Does Astro Work?

The platform operates using blockchain technology and ledgers to help keep all investments monitored and visible. The Astronaut platform provides information on all verified and reliable cryptocurrencies and allows users to choose which altcoins they wish to invest in.

All cryptocurrency research is conducted by the Piccolo Research team and is provided to the Astronaut platform.

Investors can receive two major types of profit.

  • Users can gain a quarterly income distribution that is based on the investment activity of the user’s Astronaut account. All quarterly proceeds are in Ether.
  • Users can gain profits from their investments through the token appreciation system. This is aligned with the net asset value (NAV) on all investments in the user’s account fund

50% of all exchanged liquidity and capital gains earned from investments are given out in Ether.

Final Thoughts on Astro

For both new and expert cryptocurrency investors, this platform is definitely worth giving a try. It is a trusted platform and gives the user endless opportunities all by simply using Astro tokens. This platform is great for anyone who just wants to invest without having to waste their limited time sifting through the endless amount of cryptocurrency reviews.


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