What is ArtByte (ABY) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

There are lots of cryptos created for extremely precise reasons. For example, Steem is utilized on Steemit which is a platform for social networking to provide commentators and posters rewards for high-quality and insightful content. There is another cryptocurrency which was established way before Steem. It was also created precisely for recording creator and artists.  

ArtByte, which used to be recognized as AppleByte, aims to be the leading cryptocurrency in the globe for creators and Artists. As stated by ArtByte, the platform is driven by the goal of providing support for artists to develop their careers. ArtByte does not charge any fee to art lovers as well as artists alike. It is also created to encourage art creation around the globe.

There are some initial offerings being worked on currently which aim to corner the content and media distribution industries by letting customers decide the form of content that is created by their favorite producers and publishers. ArByte works similarly to these and gives fans the capacity to provide crowdfunding for their best artists.

We shall be taking a look at the ArtByte platform and find out how it functions to decide if you should get involved in it.

What is ArtByte?

The aim of ArtByte is to encourage P2P support in the community of artists by leveraging distinct features and applications of Cryptocurrencies. Just a bit over three years of age, ArtByte holds a decent amount of tenure in the ecosystem for crypto and has experienced a value breakout in the beginning parts of March 2017.

ArtBytes is the token utilized on the ArtByte platform. It can be offered to artists located anywhere in the globe like photographers, designers, models, writers, sculptors, production teams and a host of others. Utilizing ArtBytes in the purchase of show and concert tickets is also possible. It can also be used for the purchase of services, foods and even trade them for US dollars.

The lengthy lifespan of ArtByte has resulted in the development of a broad array of methods which it can be utilized. ArtByte equally boasts of an application on Twitter that gives a fan the capacity to directly support their artists through the social media platform.

How ArtByte Functions

Using ArtByte to support artists is quite easy. Users can buy ArtBytes directly through credit card or debit card. They can equally be made to aid the development of the ArtByte network. Immediately you have been able to get some ArtBytes, rendering support for artists becomes as seamless as tipping them with the functionality of ArtByte twitter.

ArtByte also ensures it is possible to buy albums from their websites. When songs or albums are bought from the ArtByte music stores, the musicians and creators keep 100 percent of the amassed profit

Users can also trade ArtBytes on exchanges like Bittrex and Litebit.

ArtByte Conclusion

ArtByte is a micro-cap altcoin which is promising. It is already being utilized by lots of artists to amass revenue. If you have an interest in offering support for music creation and decentralized art, ArtByte is worth the involvement.


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