What is Argentum (ARG) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

While many cryptocurrencies find their value in accessibility and distribution, other cryptocurrencies take the opposite approach. Argentum is designed to be a unique and rare cryptocurrency that also offers security with scalability and censorship resistant blockchain technology.

Argentum (ARG) Features

First created in 2013, Argentum was specifically designed as a rare commodity. It transfers between people easily and quickly and will also continue to gain value over time. Argentum was also built to be innovative, such as being the very first cryptocurrency that increased processing capabilities beyond that of Bitcoin. Argentum also address scalability issues by featuring basically unlimited scalability, so the blockchain features 10MB maximum block sizes and 100,000 signature operations per every block.

With the more recent update, the Argentum blockchain is also supporting four new mining algorithms: Lyra2Rev2, Myr-Groestl, Argon2d, and Yescrypt. The blockchain also enables SHA256D and Scrypt with the help of AUXPOW. Combined with the previous mining tools, Argentum now supports six different mining algorithms, giving miners multiple options to choose from in order to best fulfill their mining needs and help them be as lucrative as possible in their endeavors.


More specifically, Argentum was written to be a cryptocurrency that can be used as a long-term and stable investment. This cryptocurrency would be perfect for people who are searching for a diversification in currency but would still like to avoid big risks.

The network is continuing to expand. Blocks are discovered roughly every 45 seconds and confirmation takes about 45 minutes. Up to 64 million ARG will be minable, and after that the chain will increase to 1.1% a year.

Argentum (ARG) – The Future

Argentum is continuing to grow in order to address the problems and difficulties as seen in other cryptocurrencies. Some of the advancements that Argentum is concentrating on are mining diversification and establishing a well working wallet, as well as other factors.

Another thing that Argentum is highly invested in is its own community. More members in the community will help spread and distribute the cryptocurrency over a wider range. Argentum enjoys an incredibly large community and will be finding its place as it works with sites such as Reddit and CoinExchange.

It is easy to be part of the Argentum community without dedicating a lot of time or money to be involved. Users who want to be involved in the development of the protocol can start with the basics of simply spreading the word about ARG through the crypto world. Users can also get involved as developers, content writers, and a litany of other options that would continue to foster growth and care for the Argentum mission statement.

Argentum is a new currency and, thus, not as tried and true as Bitcoin, and it has quite a bit of catching up to do when it comes to the likes of Bitcoin. That said, it is a very solid coin that offers a fair amount of useful community-building options that could make it very appealing as time goes on.


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