What is ArbitrageCT (ARCT) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Historically, arbitration has been used to improve profits in trading markets. It offered small risks for traders and investors, and thanks to slight delays in market adjustments, could prove to be highly lucrative. However, due to changes in the markets and the advent of the internet, arbitration is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Arbitrage Crypto Trader plans to solve the problems in arbitration and popularize its use once again in the cryptocurrency market.

ArbitrageCT Problems and Solutions

There are several reasons that arbitration no longer works. Lack of liquidity on exchanges is a huge problem and can lead traders attempting arbitration to instead lose money by taking too many risks. Concerns about money laundering is also a major factor, and many fail-safes have been put into crypto markets in order to discourage that kind of activity; unfortunately, those same implementations make it difficult to trade in large sums of money, which blocks the profitability of arbitration.

The above problems compound, causing a shortage of institutions on the market, and since the market is filled with smaller, less experienced traders, there is a deficit of understanding as to how arbitration even works. Pair that with a lack of sufficient infrastructure, arbitration loses its profitability.

Arbitrage Crypto Trader has come up with potential solutions to all these problems and hopes to implement them in a way that will encourage arbitration on the market. To begin with, Arbitrage believes that there will be a liquidity surge in the next couple years, which will allow the platform’s trading strategies to be truly functional on the market. The platform will also be able to perform small trades at precise moments, removing the need for an understanding of arbitration as well as allowing for more profit in smaller funds.

Since the platform constantly monitors the market and relies on traders only to approve trades, traders need little or no knowledge in how arbitration works. Arbitrage Crypto Trader makes it easy for anyone to utilize, and it’s as simple as watching a tutorial to be able to use it.

ArbitrageCT Token – ARCT

The Arbitrage token, ARCT, will be utilized all over the platform, ensuring an increase of demand. ARCT will be available to purchase on the exchange, which will also drive up its demand and value. Based on Ethereum, ARCT was available in both a pre-ICO and ICO sale. There will be a fixed number of tokens available, which will also continue to improve its value on the market.

Although much about trading over the years has changed, arbitration remains to be a low-risk, profitable method to employ on the market. Arbitrage Crypto Trader believes it can solve most of the issues that put arbitration at a disadvantage for cryptocurrency and allow it to become a more accessible and lucrative method of trading. With that, Arbitrage also hopes to better level the playing field with traders and allow for all users to profit from their participation within exchanges.


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