What is AeriumX (AERM) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Social networking has become one of the biggest industries on the internet, and a large community for content creators who work to get their writing, video, photography, and other works into the gaze of the general public. Unfortunately, providing rewards of encouragement to this content is at times either incredibly difficult or involves intermediaries that severely effect creator profits. AeriumX is a digital currency that wants to change the way social media is monetized.

What is AeriumX?

Created as a response to the centralized monetization of content, AeriumX is a decentralized cryptocurrency that encourages fast and anonymous micropayments as rewards for microblogging and creator content. It is an open-sourced program and does not have any centralized or singular authority, thus allowing for content creators to receive payments without losing a costly cut to centralized platforms.

AeriumX will support an entire ecosystem that offers plugins compatible with multiple social media and microblogging websites known as AeriumPay. This will facilitate users to send fast and secure micropayments to reward content that is entertaining or meaningful to them. AeriumX will also host its own decentralized microblogging platform, Aeriumjournal, as well as a social media platform, AeriumSocial.

AeriumX (AERM) Transactions

As a basic cryptocurrency, AeriumX offers many of the most important functions that enthusiasts expect from a credible coin. It offers instantpay technology that allows for point-of-sale transactions without sacrificing privacy or security between the sender and recipient.

AeriumX will also be utilizing Masternodes, a more amped up version of nodes that is becoming more ideal for cryptocurrency. While nodes support the network, Masternodes provide a pool of node support that help the speed and security of transactions. Anyone can launch a Masternode by locking 1000AEX as collateral.

Transactions will also remain completely private with the Zerocoin protocol. This protocol is becoming the industry standard for privacy and assures all AEX users that their transactions will remain protected.


AeriumX’s currency, AEX, is a Proof-of-Work coin and encourages mining. It uses an exclusive hashing algorithm called Aergo which was created by the blockchain developer. Aergo will help the currency avoid centralization problems that come sometimes arise using third party entities.

AEX does not have a fixed coin supply. The developers believe that an inflationary cryptocurrency will incentivize users to spend their coins. AeriumX believes that an inflationary model will not harm the coin in the way it does fiat currencies, since newly minted coins are returned directly to stakeholders. Stakeholders might find their monetary units to be lowered, but the overall value of their holding will remain the same.

AEX has a block time of 60 seconds, and fixed block reward of 5AEX.

Microblogging has become a daily way to communicate for most people; it is not surprising that a model for rewarding people for their time and effort based on the quality of their posts would be of interest. Decentralization allows for secure incentivizing and reward and allows creators to receive more of the money they deserve without intermediaries taking a cut.


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