What is Ace Token – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Ace is a blockchain platform for celebrity management. It utilizes decentralized scouting and community voting. There’s an API for advertisers and digital agencies. It includes an advertising dashboard with analytics and billing. There’s a talent application screening system with built-in fraud protection. The community gets a smart task allocation system and decentralized community voting mechanism. The players and celebrities get an analytical data panels and online store with merchandising, subscriptions, and bookings. Fans and community members also get a personal dashboard.

Blockchain technology revolutionizes the celebrity management industry. There’s a lot of promoters and scouts waiting to manage celebrities. They are highly motivated through token incentives. They don’t cause any additional expenses. They also contribute to the community success.

Blockchain eliminates counterparty risk. Transactions are carried out exactly. Transactions are processed in minutes and occur 24/7. Transaction fees are reduced. Blockchain technology brings more transparency to the celebrity industry. Contracts are brought into the Ace network without going through a middleman.  

The Ace smart contract is available at Github. Users can get a 40% bonus when they exchange ACE tokens for the index token (STAR). Ace is catering to all sports and celebrities. This includes tennis, football, eSports, poker, basketball, hockey, actors, and music bands. Fans have access to celebrities. Some of the opportunities available to token holders include:

  • Meeting and playing with a star
  • Receive tickets to events
  • Video chat with celebrities
  • Chat via messengers
  • Get offers from celebrities including books and posters

A total of 165 million tokens were created. Tokens were distributed as follows:

  • 60% – Token Sale
  • 20% – Community
  • 20% – Team & advisors

The funds from the token sale were used for the following expenses:

38.6% – Grants to junior players

12.9 % – Grants to the most perspective players

19.3% – Marketing promotion

8.4% – PR: events and partnerships

4.6% – Sales: sponsorships & ads

3.9% – IT & Tech development

3.9% – Management

1.9% – Scouting

1.5% – Legal consulting

5.0% – Other costs – travel, audit

ACE tokens are traded on one cryptocurrency exchange – OKEx. ACE tokens are paired with BTC, ETH, and USDT tokens. ACE has a market capitalization of $1.1 million. Daily trading volume exceeds $224,000. The circulating supply is 9,646,911 ACE. The total supply is 14,476,036 ACE.

TokenStars receives a 20 to 30 percent commission from the player’s sponsorship contracts. This is converted into ACE tokens. The first player signed is Veronika Kudermetova. The first promoter at TokenStars is JAMI agency. They are close to securing their first advertising contract, which is expected to be worth $82,000.

There are three potential buyers of ACE tokens:

  • The traditional blockchain audience
  • Institutional investors, funds, and family offices
  • Sports fans

The celebrity management industry is expected to be worth $100 billion. TokenStars is ready to take advantage of this sector. TokenStars has 12 integrated modules. One of the most attractive features is the financial support for young stars. Not only will this help them become successful celebrities, it will also bring in advertising contracts from brands in the future. Fans are able to interact with celebrities and provide feedback. Brands get access to fan communities and successful campaigns via smart contracts.


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