What is Accelerator Network (ACC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The speed at which Bitcoin value has risen has attracted a lot of people into the cryptocurrency trading. However, there’s more to cryptocurrency than bitcoin, this is something a lot of investors are not aware of. It will take intentional study and research to be able to find out other profitable crypto investments.

In this blog, we like to help investors. We are always looking through a myriad of investment options and portfolio so as to be able to give you options on the most profitable investments for you. Today we shall be doing some research into a company that goes by the name Accelerator Network.

About Accelerator Network

This is a firm based in the US, their aim is to provide cryptocurrency, supported by real-life assets. Accelerator Network is working on building a cryptocurrency mining hub which will be powered by renewable energy. The location of this facility will be in the U.S.

This is quite unusual in the crypto market, it will go ahead to give traders more confidence since they’ll be using a fast and reliable cryptocurrency. Reliable because it is back by real assets.

How Does Accelerator Network Work

Accelerator Network is working towards a very profitable and powerful mining station, therefore the facility will be having 5,000 GPU processors powered by 1/2MW of electricity, this will give the firm a high mining power.

The firm also intends to improve its systems and end up with a more efficient system by the time of the projects completion. This upgrade will be funded by money realized from the sales of tokens.  The upgrade is expected to commence this year, and by 2019, ACC should have a state of the art fully powered mining network.

How to Invest in Accelerator Network (ACC)

To invest in this company you’ll need other cryptocurrencies, that is cash will not be accepted. You’ll use an already existing cryptocurrency to pay for this new one. This is a strategy which ACC has come up with to help it’s cryptocurrency trend and also appreciate in value. During this process there will be circulation of the new cryptocurrency and also there will be a high demand, therefore both investors and the founders will win.

Accelerator Network Verdict

For every investment, there are risks involved. Since a new coin will be mined, it actually even involves more risk as opposed to if an already exiting crypto, like bitcoin is already being mined.

The next challenge is that of value. Now if you don’t use the money it will not acquire value to others, however, it has to be accepted by others for it to have value. What of if it is not accepted, this is the risk, you and other investors will have to consider.

If the company is successful, there will be a lot to gain, if not though, you’ll have just paid for a useless token. At this point though we can attest to how successful Accelerator Network will be, with more time though, we’ll be able to make better analysis and predictions.


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