What is 808Coin (808) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The team behind 808Coin has established the coin to serve as a long-term currency for a long-term community. The development team envisions an ecosystem where members can contribute to blockchain building and community efforts. The 808 coin offers a high-stake rate and low Proof-of-Work.

TR-Roland 808

808Coin is a tribute to the TR-Roland 808, a drum machine invented in the 1980s. It was able to mimic various drum sounds from hi-hats to snares, allowing artists and producers flexibility and the ability to create new sounds that could be shared throughout the industry. The introduction of the TR-Roland 808 to music caused a change in the development of the industry as others began to build off the technology to create new and different machines, which to this day influence the way that music is made and produced.

The 808 currency was not just inspired by the machine in name, but also by the legacy it created as a community-driven evolution within the music industry.


Similarly, to the Sprouts coin, 808 is a Proof-of-Stake coin that hopes to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps. The Spouts coin left a mark on the cryptocurrency market by offering significant Proof-of-Stake returns that rewarded rich and poor coin holders equally. 808 is following that trend with the addition of a higher interest rate. Its PoS offers a 17.88% interest rate every 8.08 days, and an APR of 808.8%, placing it in the running as a solid coin.

While some investors have been a little wary of adopting it due to a lack of information about it online—the website doesn’t feature a white paper or many specifications regarding the coin—those who have purchased the coin seem pleased so far. It may appear to be white noise among so much new cryptocurrency, but its high-interest rate is offering huge staking rewards for those who have taken the plunge.

The Future of 808Coin (808)

As of right now, the coin seems to be trading well. The team behind 808 seems to be dedicated in their long-term goals for the coin and their mission for longevity of the coin and community. It is available to buy or trade on exchanges such as Cryptopia, and the community continues to vote on what additional exchanges it would like to see the coin featured.

The 808 team is continuing the encourage the growth of their community and offer a PoS coin that is going to award equal rewards across the board for all users. While mining for this coin is not profitable, those who have staked their 808 are showing huge investment returns that they seem to be very happy with. Those returns will only grow if more people become interested in the coin and spread the word about its profitability. Right now, 808 is a small coin and not well known, so it remains to be seen whether it will become highly successful or fade into obscurity.


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