What is 300 Token (300) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

You may probably be aware of 300 Token Sparta and may already want to try it out. It’s not abnormal for you to want to do your research to determine if the website they are trying out is reputable or just another scheme to steal your resources.

If you are here, then you are in luck. We shall be taking a detailed look at this token so you can determine if it is worth your investment.

What is 300 Token Sparta?

300 Token is one of the initial tokens to be developed by the Minereum Token Services. This specific crypto-tokens was developed to remember the three hundred soldiers of Sparta who fought in the Battle of Thermopylae. It is an Ethereum Token which means it is completely ERC20 compatible and it comes alongside a supply of 300 tokens. Its symbol is 300 with 18 as its decimal. From the start, there were plans to develop the tokens in a restricted number.

Utilizing the 300 Token

Because 300 Token is completely ERC20 compatible. This means you can always utilize an Ethereum wallet in loading as transferring your tokens. To transfer your tokens or transfer your balance, head to your ether wallet, then choose to send Ether and Tokens and open up your wallet.  

Now, select the option tagged Add Custom token, slot in the data to your address alongside the symbol of the token which is 300, as well as 18, which is the decimal and save. If you want to send your 300, all you are required to do is choose 300 in your amount before sending it to Dropdown.

300 Token Community

Similar to other cryptos, 300 comes with its own community. This consists of bicointalk, Twitter as well as exchanges like Cryptopia.co.nz. and EtherDelta. Others consist of Etherscan and Blockexplorer. News is also included. It is made up of Coin News Asia and NEWSBTC.

So what is it about the 300 Token and the Soldiers?

This tokens comes alongside some laws. Below are a few of the significant ones.

The initial law is that it is consistently HODL, the second law is that it is forbidden to dump and the last law is there is no mercy to fud.

The 300 Token game consists of three major stages. The first part is attacking the Fud from the front, while the next stage, the 300 HODL as the Fud carries out its attack and the last is fighting back and overcoming Fud units. Soldiers have to stick to specific conducts as well. One of the things to be done is spreading 300 tokens in Social Media. Reaching out to exchanges will also be ideal, but it will go a long distance with the aid of soldiers.  


Although this crypto is established in a restricted amount, it has a great significance which is that the user is in control. When you also consider its community, you can be certain it is quite real and would be a great token to invest in.


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